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A Roadmap for Peace

Reg-Sym 2Activities

This project aimed at carrying out activities related to producing a Roadmap to Peace for Afghanistan, based on in-depth research, analysis and consultation at the local level.

This research tried to study the existing research available on the peace by examining the realities of the peace process at the local level, with a particular focus on the role of local civil society groups and actors and on the work they are doing to negotiate the challenges of the peace process at the provincial level.

During implementation of this project, EPD had advanced its support in completion of the Roadmap to Peace through national and international feedback, dialog and inputs, which could be helpful for the new government of Afghanistan in their efforts to understand and develop the stalled peace and reconciliation process in Afghanistan.


During implementation of this project, EPD conducted one national and one international symposium to provide inputs for finalizing the draft version of Roadmap to Peace research. The national symposium brought together around 110 peace activists and representatives of organizations working to promote peace. While the international symposium hosted 99 international experts from neighboring countries, it also had representatives of civil societies to discuss the Roadmap to Peace with particular focus on aspects that affect or involve partners in the region.

Based on the findings of these symposia, the Roadmap was finalized and also EPD prepared a policy brief for further advocacy work at both a national and local level.