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Access to Justice


Salah consortium consisted of 5 afghan civil society organizations including Cooperation for Peace and Unity, Equality for Peace and Development, Peace Training and Research Organization, Sanayee Development Organization and The Liaison Office is working together to narrow the gap between state structures and the people they are meant to serve, particularly in the justice sector. This will be done by increasing the capacity of CSOs to lobby for changes and influence policies, as well as that of both formal and informal justice actors while also encouraging citizens to make use of state justice mechanisms.

This project’s primary goal is to strengthen the engagement of CSOs and their networks to lobby and advocate for improved access to and quality of justice provision, especially of women, to both the formal and the informal justice systems

AWJA, AIBA, AGO lobby for behavioral change, record and publicize deviations, improve court oversight, need and evidence-based planning and budgeting, ensure local judges respect human rights, and increase budget for justice sector.


During this project targeted Civil Society Organizations, Afghanistan Women Justice Association, Afghanistan Independent Bar Association, and Afghanistan Prosecutors Association at Provincial Level will be trained on Lobby & Advocacy in. Scope of work will focus on five provinces where EPD will be responsible for activities in Nangarhar. Moreover, orientation sessions will be facilitated between Civil Society Organizations, Afghanistan Women Justice Association, Afghanistan Independent Bar Association, Afghanistan Prosecutors Association and Attorney General Office, Ministry of Justice, Supreme Court at provincial level

A plate form will be created in five regions with support of all of the partners in Salah Consortium in order to boost coordination and dialogue on lobby and advocacy and behavioural change through justice sector for human rights. EPD will also sign Memorandum of Understandings with local stakeholders (Civil Society Organizations, line departments, attorney general office and ministry of justice and Supreme Court). Furthermore, coordination meeting will be held among Salah members to discuss and record deviations from human rights and its publications. Media outlets will be identified and supported in 5 provinces (Radio, TV) to attend court sessions to observe and monitor activities of justice sectors. Additionally, national and international events related to justice sectors will be celebrated.

SALAH will strategically train independent organisations such as: AIBA, AWJA, APA, local CSOs and media to lobby and advocate for better “Access to Justice” for Afghans in 5 provinces and accordingly, they will lobby and advocate with MoJ, Supreme Court and AGO for judicial reforms and monitor human rights standards and practices of justice sector.