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Afghan Women’s Roadmap for Peace Entering the Transformation Decade


The role of Afghan women in the transition and peace processes is a critical issue as Afghanistan enters the aptly named “Transformation Decade” after years of sustained international presence and financial support. In light of this transition, the project will bring PWN members and other women from government and civil society together to engage with central level actors and key stakeholders to discuss the status of women in the post-2014 transition phase and new government, and to link subnational with national discussions on peace processes with special consideration to women’s experiences and objectives. A conference will be organized to address lessons learned and how to move forward and increase the active participation of women in national dialogues and peace processes, and culminate in the Afghan Women’s Roadmap for Peace Entering the Transformation Decade.


The main activity will exist of holding a national conference involving 68 provincial women’s representatives including PWN members and other female civil society members, as well as 82 other stakeholder group representatives to discuss: (1) the work that has been done on women’s training and capacity building at the national, subnational, and grassroots levels and assess whether and how such initiatives did or did not increase the capacity of women to participate in the peace process; (2) to start a national-level dialogue to ensure that the gains women have made are not lost and that the needs and perspectives of women are included moving forward in the peace process after transition. This conference will facilitate the interaction of provincial women with policymakers, government officials, civil society and media leaders and actors media to create a platform and linkages among key actors at the national and subnational levels, and facilitate the increased participation of women in discussions on peace and reconciliation despite skepticism from the past several decades’ experiences of women’s involvement. The outcomes of the national conference will be compiled together with additional consultations with women’s groups, female parliamentarians and government officials, and other women to develop: (1) a report outlining the challenges and opportunities for women’s participation in the peace process, and (2) an actionable accountability tool involving all stakeholders titled the Afghan Women’s Roadmap for Peace Entering the Transformation Decade.