Board of Directors’ Meeting

IMG_8851The Board of Directors met at the Central office of EPD on August 23, 2017. They discussed about the current projects, upcoming projects, activities, operations, coverage area and also provided the recommendations to enhance the operations. EPD’s Board consists of seven members who regularly meet to collectively oversee the activities and decide on major issues of the organization.

The meeting covered presentations on operational and financial status of the organization delivered by the management team. EPD’s executive director, Mr. Wajid Khan, briefed the floor on the total funds available, expenses incurred and liabilities for year 2016 and 2017. He also explained the current financial position and financial performance of EPD to the members.

IMG_8870EPD’s research expert, Ms. Ruqaia Tabasum, provided information on EPD’s accomplishments during past two years. She also discussed bout the current projects that EPD is implementing on different issues and the projects recently received. She mentioned about the expansion of EPD’s coverage area from 9 to 17 provinces in last two years and strengthened relations with local and national stakeholders.

The members further discussed the structure of the board itself and debated on the recruitment of new Board members, in case need arises. They advised on conducting systematic and regular meetings, which would result in close engagement of the board in EPS’s activities and consequently, in better performance of the organization. They appreciated organization’s efforts and progress and the fact that EPD is expanding year after year.

The complete list of EPD’s current Board members and Management Team along with their brief biographies can be found at:


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