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Analyzing the 1391 and 1392 National Budget

Analyzing the 1391...Activities

EQUALITY for Peace and Development analyzed the 1391 and 1392 national budget of Afghanistan. EPD, through the Afghan Coalition for Transparency and Accountability (ACTA) platform, has pioneered the utilization of the national budget as a monitoring tool for government service delivery. It was the first analysis ACTA conducted of the 1391 national budget, which provided further details to Afghan parliament to review and finalize the national budget. This was also the first time in Afghanistan’s history that an national civil society organization conducted a national budget analysis.

The budgets were reviewed based on key indicators such as the Tokyo Accountability Framework, the Open Budget Index, fair distribution of resources and fiscal sustainability.


The analyses gave insight into the national budget planning, execution, monitoring and reporting processes, emphasizing the role of Afghan communities in the entire process. The analysis also looked at the concern of Gender Based Budgeting practices to ensure gender mainstreaming in the national budget.

The reports were presented to key stakeholders such as media,  politicians, CSOs and students, and the audience gave their input to act upon the findings of the reports.