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Training Representatives of Six Pilot Ministries on Gender-Responsive Budgeting in Kabul

In order to improve gender-sensitive policy-making in Afghanistan, EPD conducted a 4-day training in Kabul for 24 representatives of six pilot ministries (MoE, MoPH, MoHE, MAIL, MRRD and MoWA) between 29 December and 01 January. The training was organized with the aim of developing the understanding of GRB among...

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Independent Review of the Afghanistan 1394 Draft National Budget

Through the ACTA platform, EPD launched its Independent Review of the Afghanistan 1394 National Budget Draft in November 2014. Afghanistan stands at a critical juncture with a new cabinet recently installed, and the London Conference. The report, besides providing a snapshot of the 1394 draft national budget, also...

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Strengthening Access to Justice for Women Affected by Violence – Training in Panjshir

As part of a year-long project to strengthen access to justice for women affected by violence, EPD organized several trainings and workshops in Panjshir province on the Elimination of Violence Against Women (EVAW) Law. The aim was to increase community awareness about constraints for women to have access to...

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Promoting Gender-Sensitive Public Policy in Afghanistan – Training Government Officials on GRB in New Delhi

In order to improve gender-sensitive public policy and budgeting in Afghanistan, EPD conducted a Training of Trainers (ToT) based on EPD’s developed GRB manual for senior government officials in October in New Delhi. The training sessions were based on EPD’s GRB manual and covered a variety of issues, including GBV,...

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Collaboration between Afghan CSOs Will Be Key in the Transformation Decade – Insights from a Trip to Germany

In mid-September, EPD’s Executive Director Nargis Nehan visited Germany to attend a conference and summer school to build coalitions among regional CSOs and discuss lessons learned in light of the looming NATO withdrawal. The main conclusions that emerged were that necessary changes in the post-2015 period should be more...

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