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Completed Projects

Since its establishment in 2010, EPD has implemented the following projects.

’19 Monitoring Women’s Peace & Security in Afghanistan

’18 Community Watch

’18 Access to quality and inclusive education for conflict affected children in Afghanistan (Central, Eastern and Northern regions)

’17 Strengthened Access to Justice for Women Affected by Violence through Proven Culturally Sensitive Approaches

’17 Sharing Women’s Responses to Radicalization in Afghanistan and Pakistan

’16 Improving the Economic Independence of Women Protection Centers and Its Beneficiaries Through Market-Driven Entrepreneurship

’16 Women’s Programming in Kabul, Jalalabad, Herat and Mazar-e Sharif

’16 Research and Advocacy on Gendered Aspects of Political Corruption

’16 A Roadmap for Peace

’16 Mobilizing Community-Based CSOs and Youth Groups to Combat Corruption

’16 Strengthened Access to Justice for Women Affected by Violence Through Proven Culturally-Sensitive Approaches

’15 Countering Violent Extremism through Understanding and Raising Awareness on the Economic Cost of Extremism and Insecurity

’15 Improving Service Delivery by Strengthening Community Resilience and Engagement through Establishing Community-Based ACTA Networks

’15 Promoting Youth Involvement in Elections and Governance through Social Media and the PWN and ACTA Networks

’15 Increasing Women’s Participation in Peace and Transition Processes

’15 Reviewing the 1394 National Budget and 1392 Final Accounts

’14 Innovative Engagement of Urban Populations in Kabul

’14 Increasing Women’s Civic Participation in Afghanistan: An Endline Assessment

’13-’14 Increasing Young Afghan Women’s Civic Education Participation

’13 Making the 2014 Elections Count: Mobilizing Civil Society around Elections

’13 Women’s Perspectives on Security, Militarization and Corruption

’12 Training Communities in Monitoring Public Service Delivery

’12 Monitoring National Budget Planning and Execution Process in Kabul, Nangarhar and Balkh provinces

’12 Training and Network Sessions with Female Members from the Provincial Councils

’11-’12 Analyzing the 1391 and 1392 National Budget

’11 Women Resource Centre in Parliament

’11 Trialogue Exchange Between Female Parliamentarians From Afghanistan, India and Pakistan

’11 Women and Parliament

’10-’11 Women’s Access to Higher Education

’10 Afghan Women’s Forum

’10 Women’s Civic Participation

’10 Afghan Women’s Movement: From First Women’s Council to Kabul Conference

’10 Promoting Women’s Political Participation

’10 Public Interaction at Bagh-e-Zanana