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Improving Service Delivery by Strengthening Community Resilience and Engagement through Establishing Community-Based ACTA Networks


The aim of the project was to build the capacity of community members and establish a locally owned sustainable network, monitoring service delivery, general peace and development processes during the project’s time frame and beyond. This was achieved through holding initial community consultations to ensure that the community was invested and the chosen group of ACTA members was inclusive. The next step was holding a 5-day training workshop covering a wide range of topics including community-based monitoring to conflict resolution, thus providing the foundation for the subsequent operationalization of the ACTA network. This was necessary to ensure that the network can function independently beyond the timescale of the project, with only minimal support from EPD. Through the trainings, the participants developed their own Advocacy Action Plan, outlining their planning and implementation agenda that moves beyond the project’s duration and represents the localized experiences with government service delivery and the wider peace and development processes. Also, bi-weekly meetings were held with participants, resulting in the establishment of monitoring committees. Beside that Regular meetings scheduled with local authorities to monitor and challenge their actions. Documentary ‘It’s My Money, and Where Has It Gone?’ screened to 200 people in each province across two sessions.


Two rounds of community consultations with community members were conducted in each province. ACTA networks with 30 members were established and they received half-day training for 5-day. In these training the members’ capacity building was assessed through pre and post-tests. The ACTA networks were operationalized in the form of organizing two bi-weekly meetings and one advocacy meeting. Community interactions conducted through one government interaction session and two screenings of the documentary film “It’s My Money and Where Has it Gone” with a target of 100 attendees at each session

Women, youth and men in the target district were mobilized to build alliances, exchange experiences/ideas and engage into dialogue with local stakeholders to advocate for better service delivery and good governance more broadly. Level of knowledge and capabilities of 30 ACTA members and 1 Provincial Coordinator were increased to monitor service delivery and the local peace and development processes and to address related concerns/deficiencies/problems. Furthermore, connections with, community members as well government officials in the target district were established to collectively and collaboratively improve service delivery and strengthen the local peace and development processes