Donors, Partners and Affiliations

EQUALITY for Peace and Development (EPD) highly appreciates the support it receives from donors to further its mission. Without their support EPD would not be able to continue its work.

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List of EPD’s donors




UN Women

Counterpart International

Open Society Afghanistan


Mama Cash

British Embassy

United States Embassy

Dutch Embassy

United Nations Development Program

United States Institute of Peace

EPD also works closely together with public institutions relevant to EPD’s activities, to ensure government support and bridge the gap between the Afghan people and government.

List of EPD’s national partners

Ministry of Finance

Ministry of Public Health

Ministry of Women’s Affairs

High Peace Council

Independent Directorate of Local Governance

Women’s and Budget Commissions of Parliament

Provincial Councils

In addition to working with international and national partners, EPD collaborates with Afghan CSOs to share knowledge and best practices and to complement each other’s fields of expertise.

List of EPD’s CSO partnerships

Civil Society Joint Working Group

This is an initiative founded and sponsored by Counterpart International in the aftermath of the 2012 Tokyo Conference on Afghanistan, bringing together Afghan CSOs to strengthen a more unified network that monitors progress, ensures transparency and accountability, and contributes to sustainable public policy.

Salah Consortium

This is an Afghan non-profit, non-governmental partnership between EQUALITY for Peace and Development (EPD), Sanayee Development Organization (SDO), Peace Training and Research Organization (PTRO), Cooperation for Peace and Unity (CPAU) and The Liaison Office (TLO).

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