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Innovative Engagement of Urban Populations in Kabul


Started in late July 2014, EPD will establish three Afghan Coalition for Transparency and Accountability (ACTA) networks in Dasht-e Barchi, Deh Sabz District, and Qarabagh District, composed entirely of youth from the community with a quota for female members. Each of the networks’ members will be given trainings on the peace and transition processes, anti-corruption, community-based monitoring, and conflict resolution and mediation.  The networks will hold monthly meetings for discussing community issues and dividing into committees for monitoring service delivery in identified sectors and performing outreach to district and provincial officials. They will also hold monthly advocacy meetings with officials and other actors and stakeholders in the community for addressing specific community issues. The project will also include the screening of a documentary called “It is Our Money, Where has it Gone?” to community members, women and youth in each network location.


The project resulted in organizing a 3–day training with members of each newly established ACTA network to build their knowledge of transparency, accountability and corruption issues while also teaching them how to utilize a Community Based Monitoring Mechanism. These trainings included pre- and post-training training assessments. Six documentary screenings were held by ACTA networks (two per network) and six post-screening discussion sessions were held by ACTA network (two per network).