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EPD > Latest News > Localization of NAP 1325 Research Report-Launch Event

Localization of NAP 1325 Research Report-Launch Event

???????????????????????????????The situation of Afghan women is becoming increasingly precarious as insecurity is increasing continuously and spreading across the country. Gender-based violence, exclusion and discrimination continue to limit women’s access to education and health care and also their ability to participate in social, economic, and political life, particularly in rural areas. 

Afghanistan Public Policy Research Organization (APPRO), EQUALITY for Peace and Development (EPD) and Cordaid believe, strengthening influence of local people especially women and women’s group- in political processes in Afghanistan is a precondition for inclusive policies, social justice and democratic governance. So, some initiatives were undertaken to fill the gap between women in grass-root level and the policy makers and  help women to take care of their peace and security.  

The main finding of “Localization of NAP 1325” was launched on 14 August 2016. Representatives of High Peace Council, Foreign Affair ministry, Netherland Embassy, Cordaid, APPRO, EPD, UNEMA, and other national & international organizations participated in this launch event. This research project was conducted by Afghanistan Public Policy Research Organization (APPRO) with the help of EPDs Provincial Women Networks (PWN) in 15 provinces of Afghanistan and they also received technical support from Cordaid, aiming to contribute to Afghanistan’s commitment to the UNSCR 1325.

 ???????????????????????????????In this program, a presentation was conducted by Ms. Nasima Omari (Senior Program Officer at Cordaid) regarding their recent activities and activities related to Barometer research in 15 provinces. Ms. Nasima explained that how Barometer can be used as an approach to help women, so their voices could be heard and they could break their silence. Mr. Khalid Siddiqi, (Research Manager at Afghanistan Public Policy Research Organization) presented main findings of “Localization of NAP 1325” research report.  The research has been carried out in 15 provinces of Afghanistan distributed on regional basis. Finally, Mr. Edrees Omarzad (executive director at EQUALITY for Peace and Development) briefed the participants about the main activities of EPD to support and ensure women’s peace and security in Afghanistan.

IMG_0048Next session included a panel discussion among participants such as, Ms. Parastoo Yari (Secretary at High Peace Council), Mr. Abassi (director of human right at the Ministry of Foreign Affairs). The panelists presented information regarding achievements, plans and strategies of the relative institution towards NAP 1325. After delivering speeches Q & A session was carried out, where the questions posed by the participants were answered by the panelists.

The cooperation among these partner organizations will continue to improve conditions consistent with NAP 1325 and will stay committed to protect women and ensure their security across the country.

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