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Message from the Founder

As founder of EQUALITY for Peace and Democracy (EPD), I am excited to share with you EPD’s website.

My colleagues and I are very proud of the progress made since EPD’s establishment in early 2010.

At EPD, we believe that a state cannot be built effectively unless there is equality between all citizens regardless of any differences, state institutions are accountable to the people, and people are part of the state building process.

EPD’s mission is to empower women and youth to become active decision-makers, by electing their leaders and representatives through voting, monitoring state institutions performance and holding them accountable for public policies and resources, and also becoming agents of change in their communities and daily lives. EPD therefore embraces the value of engaged and responsible citizenship. 

EPD envisions Afghanistan as a country where diversity is valued, differences are tolerated, and all Afghan men and women enjoy a peaceful life with equal rights and access to public goods. My passion for realizing our mission has been strengthened by the progress we have made in a short time and the dedication I have seen from my team, civil society partners and donors.

EPD’s website is an excellent tool to communicate our mandate and efforts while also highlighting the challenges and opportunities that we face in realizing our mission. This website serves as a platform to strengthen our relationship with key stakeholders and the general public, and share the knowledge and lessons we have learned. 

I invite you to join our journey. Each person that volunteers for, works with, and learns about EPD and its activities is contributing to amplifying the voices of Afghan citizens and helps to improve the life of someone, somewhere in a remote valley in Afghanistan.

Nargis Nehan

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