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Mr. Achakzai, Senior Associate

My Photo 1Abdul Halim Achakzai is an Afghan research analyst, lawyer and human rights activist with around a decade of work experience in the fields of governance, research and informal justice in Afghanistan. A graduate of Law and Political Science Faculty, Mr. Achakzai obtained his LLB degree in Diplomacy and Public Administration from Kabul University. Since 2007, he has worked with a number of national and international organizations that are active in human rights and governance sectors in Afghanistan. Mr. Achakzai has remained a member of the Afghan Bar Association, Friedrich Ebert Stiftung (Young leaders Forum), Afghan Youth Assembly and Near East South Asia Center for Strategic Studies. He is the author of many research reports, opinion pieces and reports on current affairs, and has represented Afghanistan in several national and regional conferences.

In addition to his native language (Pashto), Mr. Achakzai is fluent in Persian (Dari), Hindi, Arabic, Urdu and English.