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EPD > Latest News > National Conference on MWPS

National Conference on MWPS

MWPS 1The Monitoring Women Peace and Security (MWPS) project was designed to support execution of Afghanistan NAP 1325 with the aim of enhancing women’s access to their rights and improving their peace and security. Under this project, Cordaid, Afghanistan Public Policy Research Organization (APPRO) and Equality for Peace and Democracy (EPD) with the financial support of the Embassy of the Netherlands in Afghanistan, partnered to create an enabling environment to foster women’s political participation in peace process.

Since 2015, EPD endeavored to create 15 Provincial Women Networks (registered as Provincial Women Associations) and empower women in communities to take care of their own peace and security. Throughout this project, the associations in each province were supported to carry out wide range of awareness raising, capacity building, outreach campaigns and advocacies to address challenges that women face. The MWPS included extensive activities ranging from “In her shoes” workshops to advocacies for establishing Commissions on Elimination of Violence against Women and Children in governmental divisions.

On 29th June, Cordaid took the lead to organize the “National Conference on MWPS” to mark successful completion of the project. The event had honorable participation of Mr. Ernst Albert Noorman (the Ambassador of Royal Netherlands Kingdom to Afghanistan), Mr. Jaap Van Hierden (Country Director at Cordaid), and Mr. Sayed Ihsan Tahiri (Representative of HPC) as key speakers and panelists. EPD and the provincial Women Associations are proud of positive changes they could bring via MWPS in lives of local women through research and advocacy.

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