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Organizational Structure

EQUALITY for Peace and Democracy (EPD) is governed by its Board of Directors and managed by its Management Team.

Board of Directors

The Board of Directors is responsible for the approval of EPD’s strategic plan, annual work plans, annual budget, and organizational policies. The Board is also responsible for the appointment and dismissal of senior positions in the organization. The Board provides supervision for the implementation of the organization’s strategic plan and represents EPD in domestic and international events and meetings. The Board is comprised of a minimum of 6 and maximum of 9 members who serve for a three-year term on a voluntary basis.

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EPD pic 1Ms. Suraya Pakzad

Ms. Pakzad’s engagement with women empowerment began in 1998 when she set up covert schools for girls under the oppressive rule of Taliban. After the fall of the Taliban regime, Ms. Pakzad established the organization Voice of Women (VWO) to promote education for and offer job training and legal or social aid to women….



EPD pic 3Mr. Mir Ahmad Joyenda

Mr. Ahmad Joyenda worked at Kabul University throughout the tumultuous 1980’s. He has also served as the Director of Foundation for Culture and Civil Society (FCCS), worked with the Afghanistan Research and Evaluation Unit (AREU) as a Deputy Director, and ran for Parliament in 2005….




EPD pic 4Mr. Jeremiah Pam

Mr. Pam has worked for the U.S. government in multiple positions and is currently a Visiting Scholar at Columbia Law School and affiliated with the Global Law and Finance Network. Before his career in international affairs, Mr. Pam worked as an International Finance Lawyer at Cleary Gottlieb in New York for more than five years….



EPD pic 5Ms. Rahela Sediqi

Ms. Sidiqi is a reformist and anti-corruption activist at government and civil society levels. Spanning 22 years, Ms. Sidiqi has build up expertise in the areas of human rights, women rights advocacy, women and youth solidarity and coalition building….




EPD pic 6 Ms. Clare Lockhart

Ms. Lockhart is co-founder of ISE (the Institute of State Effectiveness), which works with a range of countries aiming to make transitions from instability to stability and prosperity.  She has co-authored “Fixing Failed States” (OUP, 2008), published several articles, and is a regular contributor to several media outlets….



Najiba AyobiMs. Najiba Ayubi

Mrs. Najiba Ayubi is a journalist, women rights activist and author of several publications. She currently serves as Director General of Development and Humanitarian Services for Afghanistan (DHSA).Mrs. Ayubi has been active in the fields of journalism and humanitarian assistance since the establishment of the Interim Administration in Afghanistan….



Mary Akrami PhotoMs. Mary Akrami

Mary Akrami is the Executive Director of the Afghan Women Skills Development Center (AWSDC), the organization that established the first shelter for women at risk in 2003.She envisioned an equitable and peaceful society through AWSDC and initiated the community-based peace Shuras (councils) in different provinces of Afghanistan….



Fahim 2015Mr. Ahmad Fahim Hakim

Ahmad Fahim Hakim was born in 1958 in Kabul where he grew up in an educated family. He has studied in Post-war Recovery, PRDU University at York, UK and was awarded MA in 1998. Ahmad Fahim Hakim is a researcher and has years of experience in providing consultancy in field of governance …



Management Team

The Management Team consists of an Executive Director, Deputy Director,  Finance Manager, Technical Advisor and Associate. The Management Team is responsible for the day-to-day operations of EPD and its staff. The Management Team prepares and implements EPD’s annual plan and budget, mobilizes resources, and supervises the implementation of projects, and is responsible for the development of EPD’s policies and procedures, including decision-making, media relations, communication, and advocacy.

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nnMs. Nargis Nehan, Founder

Ms. Nehan is the Founder of EPD. Before founding EPD, Ms. Nehan worked for the Afghan government in different senior-level positions since the establishment of the Interim Administration of Afghanistan….



omarzad photoMr. Edrees Omarzad, Executive Director

Mr. Omarzad has 10 years of experience working in different managerial positions for a variety of Afghan ministries, ranging from project management to communication strategy….




Nooria picMs. Nooria Sultani, Program and Advocacy Manager

Ms. Sultani has multiple years of work experience working with a legal firm and several other organizations such as Citizen Organization, Counterpart International and Afghan Women Skills Development Center….




WKMr. Wajid Khan, Finance Manager

Mr. Khan is a Certified Public Accountant and a Chartered Accountant. He has more than 7 years of experience in finance and accounting and holds a Bachelor degree in Economics and Sociology….



Ms Ruqaia.jpg 22222Ms. Ruqaia Tabasum, Research & Resource Mobilization Expert

Ruqaia Tabasum is a Research and Resource Mobilization Expert at EPD. Ms Tabasum started her career as a project associate with JPAL South Asia. At JPAL, She worked ….





For specific projects, EPD works with trusted and well-respected researchers, trainers and experts on a consultancy basis. This allows EPD to maintain a certain level of flexibility and to capitalize on the expertise of former colleagues and specialists in a variety of fields if necessary. EPD currently employs one consultant for several projects.

EPD pic 7Ms. Marie Huber, Consultant

Ms. Huber has lived and worked in Afghanistan for more than three years doing research for national and international organizations. She is EPD’s former Technical Advisor and is currently working remotely as a consultant, dividing her time between Dublin and Kabul….