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Position Paper

A94A4079On March 16, 2020 EQUALITY for Peace and Democracy (EPD) has conducted the Central Exchange of Provincial Women’s Networks (PWN) for three-days with the participation of 90 women from 15 provinces including Kabul, Nangarhar, Laghman, Helmand, Kunduz, Balkh, Faryaab, Badakhshan, Parwan, Bamyan, Kandahar, Paktia, Herat, Urozgan and Daikundi. The purpose of this program was to collect the ideas and recommendations of PWN members on inclusive and sustainable peace in Afghanistan.

In this program, national and international entities’ representatives, and Civil Society members participated; and the provincial women had an opportunity to visit UNAMA office in Kabul for discussing current progress in the peace process. Inclusion of different segments of society, reduction of violence and ceasefire, preservation of values and achievements, the role of international community in the peace process and the next steps in the peace process, were the important points provincial women discussed on, and shared their recommendations.A94A3519

They emphasized on protecting constitutional values such as women rights, freedom of speech, women access to education, equal opportunities in workplace and human rights. Besides, they also asked government and the Taliban to immediately reduce violence and agree on a comprehensive ceasefire. Moreover, they asked that the current ongoing political crisis, with parallel governments inaugurated last week, must be resolved. Women said that the peace process should be Afghan-owned and Afghan-led, and for this a national consensus must be made where different groups agree on certain principles for dialogue with the Taliban. The Taliban must also make sure that no other countries influence the process behind the scenes. At the end, women stated that there must be proper guarantee that Taliban fighters released will not return to the battlefield, and consequences for impeachment of the agreement must be clear. They also determined their position through a comprehensive position paper.

Here is a Position Paper link. Position Paper

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