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Ms. Rahela Sidiqi

Ms. SidiqiRahela Hashim Sidiqi received a master’s degree in Social Development and Sustainable Livelihoods from the University of Reading, UK. Her dissertation was titled “The Effects of Community Institutions on Gender Empowerment: National Solidarity Programme, Afghanistan, UN-Habitat”.

Ms. Sidiqi is a reformist and anti-corruption activist at government and civil society levels. Spanning 22 years, Ms. Sidiqi has build up expertise in the areas of human rights, women rights advocacy, women and youth solidarity and coalition building. Operationally, Ms. Sidiqi has gained experience in organizational development, participatory training, planning and management, project formulation, and monitoring and evaluation. She has managed programs related to emergency relief, conducting and organizing management training, policy-making, and strategic planning for government, UN and World Bank projects. She also founded two charities in Afghanistan and the UK, and provided leadership advice to the Chairman of the Civil Service Commission and other senior-level leaders in Afghanistan.