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Strengthened Access to Justice for Women Affected by Violence Through Proven Culturally-Sensitive Approaches


With this 12-month project, EPD’s objective is to improve access to justice mechanisms for women affected by violence through proven culturally-sensitive approaches in the target provinces of Parwan and Panjshir. The project hopes to improve access to quality services in the target areas for women affected by violence. The project also strives to increase the number of violence against women (VAW) cases resolved with positive outcomes for women through informal and formal justice processes in accordance with women’s rights under Islam and the Elimination of Violence Against Women (EVAW) Law. Furthermore, the project aims to increase community awareness and engagement – among men and women – in strengthening women’s access to justice in order to prevent VAW and foster women’s participation in public life.


During the implementation of this project, EPD established Family Resolution Centers (FRCs), comprised of traditional and religious leaders, school teachers, representatives from Departments of Women’s Affairs, Ulama, Council members, family court judges, and other influential male and female leaders who are members of shuras/jirgas, to provide advice and counseling to those women who are victims of violence in Parwan and Panjshir.

EPD also provided numerous rounds of training to a wide range of participants in order to raise awareness on women’s right from an Islamic perspective and EVAW. The participants in the trainings included religious leaders, formal justice actors, Family Response Units (FRUs) of police departments, University students, and high school students.

Most importantly, during this project, EPD has built the capacity of EVAW Units at the Attorney Generals’ Offices in the field of management to improve the functioning of these units, and deliver technical assistance to the Directorate of Women’s Affairs and Women’s Protection Centre.