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EPD > Latest News > Women Economic Empowerment in Bamyan

Women Economic Empowerment in Bamyan

Tailoring courseWomen are a critical part of every society and contribute to every country’s economic growth, social prosperity, and workforce. As underscored by the World Economic Forum, “Reducing gender inequality enhances economic productivity and economic growth.” Where women are permitted to participate as equals in an economy, they experience increased incomes, improved health, and extended lives.

To contribute to gender equality and with the financial and technical support of the Italian Agency for Development Cooperation (IADC), EPD supports women’s entrepreneurships through vocational training for 220 women who suffer dire financial situation in Bamyan.

EPD conducted a Rapid Market Assessment and also surveyed the beneficiaries through a training need assessment to identify viable economic sectors in Bamyan. Accordingly, EPD offered vocational courses on basic/advanced tailoring, hairdressing/beauty parlor and weaving. Till now, 76 women have been graduated from the courses on basic tailoring whereas the course on advanced tailoring and hair dressing/beauty parlor are ongoing.

The participants in basic tailoring course are learning measuremnet- Bamiyan-EPD provincial office- 5 May 2019Soon, EPD will start the course on Barak weaving. Barak is a textile product woven from local wool and boiled to make a fabric that is both wind and water- resistant.  Bamyan is a cold and mountainous area and such woolen textiles are widely produced. Training women on this sector will revive Barak tradition and at the same time will financially support them.

The course beneficiaries are being provided with toolkits to start their business and earn income. EPD will also support them to design small business plans to ensure local women in Bamyan will access market and own sustainable entrepreneurships.

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