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Youth Peace Movement

D1Youth forms more than 70% of the country’s population. Since the last 17 years, Afghan youth has made significant developments in education, health, technology, security, and other fields. From their involvement in the technological developments such Afghan robotic girls to safeguarding the country on the borders, to joining politics such as wide participation of youth in the last parliamentary elections, to the inclusion of youth in the peace building such as Hilmand Peace Marchers; youth has always played vital role in social, cultural, political and religious aspects. However, in the current peace process which is deciding the future of the country, youth are highly marginalized.

D12Today on 3rd March 2019, EPD gathered youth under one umbrella to raise their voice and emphasize that no peace can be sustainable and no process is successful without involving youth into it. Over 250 youth and CSO and peace activists attended the demonstration in Shahr-e-Naw Park, emphasizing on the role of youth in peace process.

While women and young generations’ contribution to development, human right and economic growth in Afghanistan cannot be neglected, their inclusion in peace process raises hopes for meaningful conflict resolution and sustainable peace too. Women and youth exclusion can lead to violation of democratic rights and losing achievements in gender equality and human rights in Afghan communities.

The demonstration was concluded by extending a youth statement which urged the involved stakeholders in peace process to consider youth inclusion. EPD thank all CSO partners (including but not limited to AWN, AWSDC, TLO, PTRO, Killid Radio, SPAWG) and youth groups for their support and active participation in this demonstration.

Please click on the following links to access the youth statment in English, Drai and Pashtu languages:

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