Equality for Peace and Development Organization (EPDO) is governed by its Board of Directors and managed by its Management Team.

Board of Directors

The Board of Directors is responsible for the approval of EPDO’s strategic plan, annual work plans, annual budget, and organizational policies. The Board is also responsible for the appointment and dismissal of senior positions in the organization. The Board provides supervision for the implementation of the organization’s strategic plan. The Board is comprised of 5 members as follow who serve for a three-year term on a voluntary basis.

Mr. Qaseemullah Qaderi





Mr. Abdul Wakil Ahmadzai





Mr. Mohammad Edrees Omarzad





Ms. Ghazal Rahimi





Ms. Nazanin Khan




Management Team

The Management Team consists of an Executive Director, Deputy Director, Finance Manager, Program Manager and Technical Advisor. The Management Team is responsible for the day-to-day operations of EPDO and its staff. The Management Team prepares and implements EPDO’s annual plan and budget, mobilizes resources, and supervises the implementation of projects, and is responsible for the development of EPDO’s policies and procedures, including decision-making, media relations, communication, and advocacy.

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