Enhancing Local Governance

One of the major problems Afghanistan faces today is the failure of the government to provide services to its citizens on a fair, transparent and accountable basis. Low capacity compounded by rampant corruption sours the relationship between the government and its citizens. As numerous sources from Transparency International to Integrity Watch Afghanistan (IWA) have documented corruption as a major problem that is getting steadily worse. UNDP and EPD jointly work Read More…


Poorest Provinces in Afghanistan

As of 2017, the provinces of Kabul, Kapisa, Panjshir, Paktika and Logar were identified as the least poor provinces on average, while Badghis, Nuristan, Kunduz, Zabul and Samangan were among the poorest. The provinces with the most multidimensionally poor were Herat, Nangarhar, Kandahar, Kunduz and Faryab. We envision Afghanistan as a prosperous country where youth


The people of Afghanistan are in worst crises.

100,000 Afghan women called on the Women Global Leaders for protecting women’s rights in the peace process and the Embassy of Kingdom of Netherlands provided support for second of Monitoring Women Peace and Security Project.
EPD in collaboration with Cordaid launched the second phase of “Monitoring Women Peace Security” project. The project beside supporting the current network of women in fifteen provinces, will also support establishment of women network in the remaining nineteen provinces. Through these networks, women from Read More…


How many Afghans need help?

Following the training of Women Leaders, Activists and Religious Leaders in Kabul and four (Paktya, Kunduz, Kandahar and Uruzgan) provinces of Afghanistan about “Women’s Rights in Light of Islam”, EQUALITY for Peace and Development (EPD) held two days National Conference to provide platform for 150 women and religious leaders from center and provinces to exchange views on engagement of women in peace process of Afghanistan.
While on the first day of the event, participants had their internal discussions and developed the Join Action Plan, on the second day, they Read More…


No Escalation of Violence as a Tactic

Following the completion of procedures for the Intra-Afghan-Negotiations, the joint statement released by the negotiating teams of the Republic and Emirate is another step forward in the peace process. We, the Afghan women from provinces of Afghanistan, applaud both sides for this remarkable progress. Also, we would like to thank the government of Qatar for hosting the negotiating teams for the past months. We believe, apart from our international partners and allies, the Islamic countries including our neighbors are playing a constructive role in the Afghan peace process in order to reach a political deal. A few years back, Read More…


Learning from #16Days of Activism

As we mark the closure of 16 Days of Activism for Elimination of Violence Against Women for the year 2020, we the members of Provincial Women Networks active in fifteen provinces of Afghanistan applaud the international community for supporting Afghanistan and standing with Afghan women to safeguard their rights. Afghanistan just witnessed another generous round of support from international partners and allies in the form of $13 billion in assistance commitments at the November 2020 pledging conference in Geneva. Afghan society has evolved with respect to the role played by women, which has become increasingly significant over the Read More…


Geneva Donor Conference on Afghanistan

On November 11th, 2020 the Norwegian Embassy in Kabul, in collaboration with Afghan Women Peace and Freedom Organization (AWPFO), EQUALITY for Peace and Development (EPD), NCA, UN Women, and UNAMA, held a half day gathering on the topic of “Humanizing Women’s Rights in Peace and War”. A total of 12 women joined the event from different provinces to share their views in two panel discussions on; Panel 1: Women’s rights from Islamic perspective, and in the light of national and International laws, Panel 2: Rural women’s challenges and Read More…


Another Step Towards Economic Independence – Five Small Business Centres for Women Entrepreneurs are opened in Bamyan Province

EQUALITY for Peace and Development (EPD) with support of Italian Agency for Development Cooperation (IADC) provided 220 women entrepreneurs in Bamyan with vocational training in different skills. Three different courses were designed to meet the demands of the local market in Bamyan— tailoring, Barak weaving and beautician course for the women to enable them to participate in the local economic activities. Besides training women in skills required for a beautician, Barak weaving and tailoring, which are Read More…


Afghan Women Demand a Just and Accountable Peace

Kabul, Park Star Hotel, 10th September 2020 – Provincial Women’s Networks (PWNs) from fifteen provinces of Afghanistan, supported by EQUALITY for Peace and Development (EPD) in collaboration with Musharikat -Women in Peace Process Coalition (WIP) called on the state members of NATO and the United Nations for a just and accountable peace.
As we mark the nineteenth anniversary of 9/11 horrific attack and begin the Intra-Afghan Negotiations, a press conference is organized by EPD supported by Mustharikat to communicate the voices and demands of Afghan women from Read More…


Provincial Women’s Networks (PWNs) Perspectives and Recommendations for Intra-Afghan Dialogues and Negotiations

We believe we are closer to a peace deal than ever before. We appreciate the efforts of all sides and the support of the international community. We once again want to reiterate that any conflict could be resolved by dialogue and we are optimistic that Afghan government, Taliban, US and the rest of international community will honor their promises and help us rebuild our country and live in peace. We hope we shall soon witness peace to do justice to our motherland and make it a secure and better place for our brothers and sisters so that no Afghans have to travel to Read More…